Mother-daughter comedy drama

When conscientious, callow MINERVA STURDY (18) flies the nest, having been brought up by a controlling and rabidly feminist single mum, BLOD, she soon learns to her delight and confusion that – contrary to what her mum taught her – not all men are bastards, whilst also uncovering the dark secret about what made her mum hate men.

Coming of age historical drama

Wales in the Middle Ages: wild, teenage heir to the Welsh throne, GWENLLIAN, is imprisoned by tyrannical English King, Edward 1, but breaks out of captivity in time to fight for her crown and make a radical decision about her legacy – as discovered by a modern day teenage girl.

Kids comedy / action animation

Full moon, a tropical desert island: a nestful of sea turtle hatchlings brace themselves to make their way down the beach to the sea before noon. As if the journey wasn’t already treacherous and tortuous enough, diligent team leader, BETTY, also has her unconventional, rebellious sister, MAY, in tow. 


Three Years

Short Film Script: drama

A couple’s relationship changes over the course of three anniversaries

Dream Woman

Short Film Script: comedy

A man is forced to chose between his fantasies

Pit Pony

Animated Feature Treatment: kids

Sunshine, a petite pony, works against her will in a coal-mine


Self Help

Short film script: drama

A woman takes self-help to an extreme as a means to cope with her life


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